Leaves the way you wonder

Flowers the way you dream

Pinhole images printed on glass

This was my second solo exhibition and featured black and white film images captured using hand made matchbox pinhole cameras that were hand printed in the darkroom onto glass plates coated with liquid emulsion. 

The series embraced a sculptural quality, bringing translucence to the images which encouraged an interaction with the space they inhabited. Layers of captured reality nestled in among the layers of film emulsion were set free to drift throughout the depth of the glass plates, generating their own newfound sense of life, motion, and cognizance.

Special thanks to The Edge gallery, the University of Manitoba darkroom, and Jessica Coverini.

135 delta 400
handmade matchbox pinhole camera
handprocessed, handprinted
glass plates

8"x10", 5"x7"


Note: The title of this exhibition is an excerpt from Nick Drake's song Rain; one of several songs that inspired my imagination for this series. 

Nick Drake. Rain. Island, 2007. CD.

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